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It is fundamentally important to establish the foundations your practice is built upon. With a stronger foundation, you can build bigger and higher. The Foundation Workshop utilizes ground breaking techniques to empower you with success ideology and philosophy, lead you to your vision, instill an abundance mindset, learn capital investment techniques, understand your financials, and much more. 
Here's what's included:
  • x2 Tickets to Tower Leadership's Foundation Workshop LIVE hosted by Founder and President of Tower Leadership, Eric J. Morin
  • ​Two full days with Eric and other like-minded people looking to expand their business bigger and higher
  • ​Hand selected case studies that Eric works through with his own private clients
  • ​A question and answer format to provide more insight to your unique business 
All for just: $2,997
  • What's Your WHY? – Why do you do what you do? Why the Foundation Workshop? We will help narrow down your vision for ultimate mindfulness.
  • ​Debt vs. Equity – Leverage debt and equity  for your business and learn how each can benefit you. 
  • ​Three Ways to Grow a Business to Last – Insightful, proven steps to growing a business built to last.
  • ​Increasing Capacity – How do you know when your business is maxed out? We will show you how to calculate this and prepare for future growth. 
  • ​Understanding Capital Investments – Determining when and how to invest in your business can mean the difference in millions of dollars. 
  • ​REVEALED: How the top 1% of Dentists make the key decisions necessary to grow their practice regardless of competition or what’s going on with the economy.
  • ​Business Philosophy – It is more than just showing up. It is having a brand, core values and a team to match. 
  • ​Legacy, Community, and Team – Using your resources, team, and knowledge to better serve your community and leave a lasting legacy.
  • Economic Return & Capital Efficiency – Using economics and capital to highlight where you should focus on your business.
  • ​Team/ Associates/ Doctors – Learn to support your team for a better outcome to your overall vision.
  • ​Personal Fulfillment – Learn how to spend less time in the office and more time on the things you love. 
  • ​Vision & Resources – Use the resources you have, like Tower Leadership, to help achieve your goals. 
  • ​And MUCH more.

Eric J. Morin


Eric is a wealth and business coach, Forbes Speaker and author specialized in educating dentists and business owners on how to achieve financial freedom by investing in their own practices.  

He started by building his own family practice into a multi-doctor, multi-million-dollar enterprise from the ground up. In the decades since, he has worked with hundreds of dentists to help them spend less time in the chair, and more time doing the things they love.

Many have doubled their revenue within the first year of working with him. And some have even paid off their homes in two.  

Aside from private consultancy, Eric regularly speaks at events across the country. He has developed programs to suit almost any agenda – from keynotes and presentations to two-day workshops.