Live In Atlanta, June 6th -7th…
Gain expert INSIGHTS and GUIDANCE on key areas of focus including STRATEGY, CAPITAL ALLOCATION, and ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE, In Just…
Introducing… The Foundation Workshop LIVE
“You all are positioned for one of the greatest opportunities in the HISTORY  of private practice… Right now, the people who make key decisions right now will change their business for the rest of their careers…”
The Foundation Workshop Kicks Off In…
Live Ticket Count:  4 Out Of 15 Tickets Remaining
100% Moneyback Guarantee. 4 Tickets Remaining…

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What Is The Foundation Workshop & Where Is It?
The Foundation Workshop is a highly coveted event hosted periodically throughout the year by Tower Leadership's Founder and President, Eric J. Morin. With limited spots available for just 10-15 businesses, this intimate and interactive 2-day experience promises to be an unparalleled opportunity to gain expert insights and guidance on key areas of focus including Strategy, Capital Allocation, and Organizational Structure.

Drawing upon the proven principles of the Group Practice Flywheel that have already guided countless businesses to success, this workshop is the ultimate private practice MBA for those looking to grow and develop their structure to support future growth. Regardless of your industry, you'll benefit from a comprehensive and business-focused curriculum designed to provide you with the tools and strategies needed to create and implement each aspect of the flywheel.

Don't miss this must-see event that promises to equip you with the critical knowledge and skills you need to take your business to the next level! This exclusive event will take place in Atlanta, GA, at The Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center on June 6th- 7th, 2024.
What Will I Learn In Atlanta, GA, On 
June 6th & 7th?
You Ready?

DAY 1:

Strategy and Capital Allocation

  • Economic Return & Capital Efficiency: Discover how to optimize your capital investments and allocate resources strategically for maximum results.
  • Personal Fulfillment: Identify the tasks and activities that produce both high economic returns and personal satisfaction.
  • Understanding Capital Investments: Learn how to make strategic capital investments to take your practice from average to great.
  • ​3 Ways to Grow a Business To Last: Explore the three core elements of massive business growth and know exactly where to focus your attention.
  • ​Debt vs. Equity: Understand the key differences between debt and equity and how to make informed decisions that can drive your practice's success.
  • Financials & Phases of Wealth: Examine the Phases of Wealth and business financials from a CEO's point of view, giving you the tools you need to make strategic business decisions with confidence.

DAY 2:

Strategy and Organizational Structure

  • What's your WHY?: Discover your ultimate vision and goals for your business, and gain mindfulness to ensure you're on the right path.
  • Legacy, Community, and Team: Learn how to use your resources, team, and knowledge to better serve your community and leave a lasting legacy.
  • ​Business Philosophy: At Tower Leadership, we believe in growing a business efficiently and effectively. Learn about our proven strategies, capital allocation methods, and organizational structures.
  • Team & Associates: Explore the best practices for hiring and compensating team members and associates, so you can build a strong and loyal team to support your growth.
  • Vision & Resources: Discover how to use your resources effectively to achieve your business goals, and learn strategies for maintaining a clear vision of your desired outcomes.
  • Understanding Capacity: Gain insights into your organization's current capacity in terms of hours, operatories/patient rooms, team, associates, building space, and more. This knowledge will help you make informed decisions about future growth and expansion.
100% Moneyback Guarantee. 4 Tickets Remaining…
“That’s A LOT.” – It Is… But Here’s What Makes The Foundation Workshop TRUELY Unique…
Although we will teach you ALL of this – what makes our Foundation Workshop so unique, is that it’s limited to ONLY 15 businesses. Why?

Because we want to take all of these topics & strategies and individually customize them to YOU, where you’re at with your organization right now, and where you’d like to go.

And that can’t be done in a room of 500.

At the end of this special event, you’ll walk away with a custom step-by-step action plan for scaling your business and transforming it into the organization you’ve always dreamed of.
“Who Is Eric J. Morin?” – You’re Host & Life-Changer…
Eric J. Morin, MBA
Founder, President & Managing Partner Of Tower Leadership
I am the Founder of Tower Leadership and I have personally worked with thousands of private practice owners to show them how to significantly increase the value of their practice and how to spend less time in the chair and more time on the things they love.
Many of the practice owners I’ve worked with have as much as DOUBLED their revenue in a year and many of them have generated enough wealth to pay off their homes in 2 years.

I’m also an MBA, Forbes Speaker, and two-time author.

I work with and speak with practice owners all across the country daily, so I know the problems, I know the struggles and I’ve made it my personal mission to correct them by providing unrivaled finance and business education to help them achieve the life they dreamed of when they first opened their practice.

100% Moneyback Guarantee. 4 Tickets Remaining…
What’s Included If I Attend?
  • x2 Tickets to The Foundation Workshop LIVE, in-person, in  Atlanta, GA, at The Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center on June 6th & 7th (Bring your spouse, a team member or business partner)
  • We’ll feed you. Breakfast & lunch is included on both days
  • Action Plan for post attendance
  • Gain exclusive access to our Net Present Value Calculator that calculates investments within your business
  • Receive Eric's most recent case studies with video guidance on how to work through it
“Is There A Moneyback Guarantee?”
Of Course, There is…
If you’re unhappy for any reason whatsoever, we’ll refund you the price of your ticket.


100% Moneyback Guarantee. 74Tickets Remaining…
“Can I Hear From Other Folk You’ve Worked With?”
– You Sure Can…
Dr. Jack Burrow & Dr. Sam Burrow - Doubled Everything In Their Business
Dr. Sweeney - 1 to 2 locations & increased revenue 270%+
Dr. Cochrane & Dr. Moseng - 2 to 3 locations and increased revenue 56%
Dr. Ellingsen & Dr. Henneberg - 2 to 3 locations and increased revenue 120%+
Dr. Casey - 1 to 3 locations and increase revenue 100%+
Dr. Mader & Dr. Lynch - 1 to 3 locations and increased revenue 110%+
Dr. Barno- 1 Location with 5 ops to 1 location with 24 ops
Dr. Wimmer
Dr. Stylos
Dr. Julie Moseng
100% Moneyback Guarantee. 4 Tickets Remaining…




“I’ve Got Questions!” – We’ve Got Answers…

    My ticket includes a plus one, who should I bring?

    Typically your plus one would be a partner, spouse, or someone heavily involved in the day to day of running your business. Financial advisors and CPA's are not permitted to attend. 

    Is this event offered virtually?

    No, it is only offered in person. Removing yourself from your practice and hustle and bustle of life is one of the best ways to ensure you are getting the most out of the event.  

    How long is it?

    It is over a 2 day period. Session 1 begins at 9:00 am EST and ends around 5:00 pm EST. Session 2 begins at 9:00 am EST and ends around 3:00pm EST. 

    Do I need to book flights and hotels?

    Yes. Once you register you will receive information about the Hotel and Logistics

    Who is hosting this event?

    Eric J.Morin - Founder & President Of Tower Leadership.


    Simple - Money Back. If you show up and don’t feel I delivered, I’ll refund your ticket.

    I’m not a dentist, should I still attend?

    Yes. Think of this as a business owners MBA workshop. The topics covered are for all business owners looking for more sophistication on how to grow and scale their organization
    The Foundation Workshop Kicks Off In…
    Live Ticket Count: 4 Out Of 15 Tickets Remaining
    100% Moneyback Guarantee. 4 Tickets Remaining…

    Now’s the Time to Sharpen Your Focus, Go for Your Dreams, 
     and Create an Amazing Practice That Can Change Your Life
     and Change the World. 

    It really is all up to you!

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